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Regulatory Material

Comprehensive information about our products and policies.

AGFiQ ETF Commentary

Provides a quarterly commentary that includes a global outlook and commentary for each ETF, including the performance contributors and detractors from a factor, sector and/or regional perspective.

A (Not So) New Approach to Investing in Bonds

Factor-based approaches to fixed income investing have existed on the fringes for years, but improvements in data mining are now helping bring it to the fore.

Why minimizing investment losses can lead to long-term outperformance

Keeping losses to a minimum may be the best way for investors to ensure their portfolio's success in the long run.

Why ESG investing doesn’t have to be a compromise

Responsible investing that focuses on positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives has traditionally been characterized as a compromise – good for the soul, not so good for portfolio returns. But that need not be the case anymore.

ETF Solutions with a Difference

Leveraging AGF’s quantitative investment capabilities, we offer ten actively managed ETFs – 7 enhanced core and 3 portfolio solutions.

Q & A with Mark Stacey and Grant Wang, Co-CIOs

We sat down with Mark Stacey and Grant Wang, Co-CIOs, to discuss their different approach to diversification and managing risk through multi-factor investing.

A Quick History of Factor-Based Investing

And how factor-based strategies can help you protect wealth from downturns in the market and improve outcomes