When will AGFiQ ETFs be available for purchase?
The Canadian listed AGFiQ ETFs are currently available for purchase.
Who manages AGFiQ ETFs?
AGFiQ ETFs are managed by investment professionals from Highstreet Asset Management Inc. (”HSAM”) and FFCM LLC (”FFCM”), affiliates of AGF Investments Inc.
How are these ETFs managed?
We aim to deliver higher risk-adjusted returns to investors by assessing and targeting the multiple factors that drive market returns. Our quantitative, multi-factor approach allows for active positions that provide opportunities for total return while also actively managing risk and the potential for losses. Please refer to the ETFs’ prospectus for a complete description of how AGFiQ ETFs are managed.
What are factors?
A signal, attribute, or any variable that correlates with past stock returns and is expected to be correlated with future stock returns. Factors exhibit relationships with stock returns that not only are stable and persistent over time but also have a basis for driving future returns.
What are the advantages of using factors?

By identifying the underlying factors that drive returns, portfolios can be constructed to generate strong risk-adjusted returns while limiting correlations that may not be visible at the asset class level. Please refer to the ETF’s prospectus for more details.

What factors do AGFiQ ETFs utilize?
AGFiQ ETFs utilize a disciplined, multi-factor approach in order to capture potential benefits regardless of which factor is driving returns at any given time.
What is AGFiQ Asset Management?

AGFiQ Asset Management (AGFiQ) is a collaboration of investment professionals from Highstreet Asset Management Inc. and FFCM, LLC.